This revenues. A 7% increase from transaction banking and

This report aims to provide detailed information on
the development of share prices of HSBC Holdings plc from January 2017 to
January 2018. The data is based on a stock report from Yahoo Finance.

Trends and movement analysis

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The share price of HSBC Holdings plc (HSBA.L) has
grown steadily over the course of this one year period. Even though there were
some fluctuations, it can be concluded that there was an overall upward trend
with a share price of 765.70£ on the 1rst of
January 2018.

In the first quarter, the share prices fluctuated
with a general upward trend until the end of February. The share price
moderately dropped in the beginning of March until mid-April, reaching an ultimate low point of 624£. According to HSBC’s first quarter release,
profits decreased because of an adjustment in accounting treatments. (HSBC, 2018)


From May onwards, a significant
increase in share prices was detected. Another HSBC release statement
publicized substantial information on growth in revenues. A 7% increase from
transaction banking and 17% increase due to synergies with global businesses
was achieved. (HSBC, 2018)

In July 2017, HSBC made a public
announcement of a 71% share buy-back. This resulted in a considerable increase
in share prices in the following months. The buy-back was completed by October
2017. Considering some fluctuations in the end of October and November, share
prices grew sharply in December. (HSBC, 2018)

Forecast 2018

From the findings, it can be concluded
that HSBC’s share is on the market for a much higher value than the start of
the year. There is a consensus amongst 22 investment analysts with a
recommendation to hold stocks in HSBC Holdings plc as share prices will keep
following an upward trend. A 5.9% increase is estimated for the upcoming year. (, 2018)