The understanding of societybecause we tend to examine society

The three “founding fathers” of sociology are: Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, andMax Weber. Emile established social science and social psychology as anacademic discipline. Karl Marx’s ideas led to things like communism, paidholidays, unions, and even some wars, just in the last 150 years. One ofWeber’s ideas was about bureaucracy, or the structure and regulations of anorganization or government.2. What is the sociological imagination? Why is it important to ourunderstanding of society?The sociological imagination is a creative way to examine the relationshipsbetween individuals and society. It is important to our understanding of societybecause we tend to examine society from our personal experiences and culturalbiases.3. How do the three major sociological perspectives view society?The Functionalist Perspective, also known as functionalism, sees society asbeing like an organism. Like an organism, a society needs to have all partsoperating and coordinating together. Changes in one part will create changes inother parts because all of the parts depend on each other to keep the organismor society functioning.The conflict perspective sees society as being in constant struggle. The conflictperspective argues that society is made up of groups with competing interests.The interactionist perspective examines these everyday social interactions inorder to generalize to the larger society. Interactionists believe that we givemeaning to things and people and that we act based on these meanings.4. What is sociology? How does it compare to other sciences?Sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups.Sociologists study how social relationships affect people’s behaviors and beliefsand how societies begin and change. Sociology compares to other sciencesbecause it is practically all based off of observation, which other sciences aren’t.5. Why would a sociologist study something that is common sense?A sociologist would study something that is common sense because we all haveassumptions and observations about human behavior based on what we’veseen or heard about. Sociologists are interested in these same observations andassumptions about life.CRITICAL THINKING1. What manifest and latent functions might exist for a health club?A manifest function that might exist for a health club is to improve your health,or become more fit. A latent function that might exist for a health club is joininga social environment to motivate you, and to make working out moreenjoyable.2. Which sociological perspective makes the most sense to you as a means tostudy society? Why?The sociological perspective that makes the most sense to me as means tostudy society is The Functionalist Perspective, because I think that there is areason that we all work together and have specific roles. I think if we didn’t wewouldn’t get anywhere.3. Think about an organization or business that you are involved with. Whatthings might an interactionist be interested in studying about this organization?An organization or business that I am involved with is the music business.Some things that an interactionist might be interested in studying about in thisorganization are: The way a musician talks to their crowd & their response/reactions, The chemistry of the band on stage, etc.4. Max Weber argued that we need to understand the meanings that peoplegive to their actions and ideas. Do you agree or disagree with Weber? Why?I do agree with Weber because I think that everything should be done for areason, and you will have a better perspective on the person, or person’s idea Ifyou know the reasoning behind it.5. George Herbert Mead argued that the self develops through interactions withothers. Do you think that your personality or self developed through yourinteractions with others (parents, friends, teachers) or was it something thatyou were born with? Give an example from your life to support your view.I think that my personality developed through many experiences from otherpeople, and by myself. I think everyone I have any kind of relationship with willhave a small affect on my character, because I will learn how do go aboutsituations, and how to deal with certain people. An example of a big influenceon my life is my mom. The way she raised me had a huge affect on mypersonality.