The idea that even though you might be low

The crucial part to the dream is the ability to work hard. With technology
advancing, prices of a house going up, and the country’s debt, the American
dream will be no more (Kathryn, 3). Even though the American Dream was clear in
the 1900’s, it remains unclear to this day. James Adams definition of the
American dream is no longer about cars and wages because the definition of
happiness has changed.


According to Amy Tan, the American dream gives you determination to find
your identity. The American dream helps clear what being an American actually
is (Tan, Amy). However, everyone has a different view on what the American
Dream actually is. For me, the American Dream is to succeed in life and being
happy through hard work and dedication. The American Dream back then led to
greed which then led to the Great Depression. The American Dream would be
clearly defined “If . . . many others were abled to rally from the depths of
the Great Depression. Since this wasn’t the case, the dream is unclear and
depends on what happiness is defined as (Kamp, David).

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The American Dream now is the idea that even though you might be low on the
social level, through working hard you can achieve wealth, fame, and happiness.
To American’s, the American Dream symbolizes wealth, fame, and happiness. No
matter who you are, the American Dream can be achieved through hard work. However,
wanting all the wealth and happiness can lead to greed as portrayed in The
Great Gatsby.


The American Dreams roots come directly from the Declaration of
Independence where it gives everyone an equal opportunity to improve one’s
live. It revolves around the idea that happiness is necessary to succeed and
prosper in society and life. The Founding fathers developed a government to
meet and protect everyone’s personal needs. The novel The Great Gatsby by F.
Scott Fitzgerald is a perfect example of how the American Dream became corrupt.
According to James Adams in 1931, the American Dream was defined as not cars
and high wages, but the dream that one can prosper success and happiness no
matter age, race, gender, ect. However, the word happiness slowly changed
through time.