The an arguable statement with a clear main specification.

The purpose
of the introduction is to introduce the main topic and give some clarification
of its inherent interest and importance by giving relevant background
information. This orientates the reader and creates interest in the paper.
Further, does the introduction, in most cases, contain the structure and/or
methodology of the essay. At the end of the introduction the thesis of the
essay is stated, making an arguable statement with a clear main specification.
However, not every paper does all three in the first paragraph, and the degree
to which an essay declares its structure or methodology may vary widely,
depending on how necessary that information will be to the readers and the
approach used. Since we have two different approaches to the papers of Leonardi
(2011) and Engelen, Brettel and Wiest (2012) there are some major differences
in the way that the introduction has been constructed.


scientific approach is used in the paper of Engelen, Brettel and Wiest (2012)
which causes it to have a formal structure. First, it reveals the main topic of
the paper by using a commonly known good and argue that we cannot take it for
granted. The following part of the introduction is filled with well
substantiated argumentations and context on why the argument is relevant.
Further, does the introduction state in an objective way how the research was
conducted and how the remainder of the research is structured in the paper.

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chose for his paper to use the interpretive approach which has less structure
and is less substantiated by other publications which causes it to be more
subjective. The opening lines of John Godfrey 
Saxe’s (1873, pp.77-78) and its explanation form the first part of the
introduction. The poem links to innovation blindness which is part of the title
and confuses the reader slightly. After this explanation the main topic is
introduced and context is given. Within this context the writer uses his line
of thought to connect previous research to make a logical build up to the
purpose of the paper and its main question.