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Taronga’s processes are all operated under the marketing controls of the business.  These subjected marketing controls are processed through factors considered in 2014-15 which were the people and processes aligned with the strategies and values. The change and take off of the Taronga Leader Development Program has included 98 individuals covering modules including correspondence, eager understanding perspectives and individual sufficiency. Moreover, upto 63 new staff and 182 new volunteers took part in preparing certain factors which contributed to Taronga. As a component of a ceaseless change system, all strategies and techniques around work, wellbeing and security were surveyed, and an enhanced and extensive administration structure was being implemented inside Taronga Zoo’s association. Recognizing that WHS preparing and direction is a key factor in risk management, different employees were prepared in crisis situations to manage, First Aid, working at different scales of height above the ground, restricted areas of spaces, dangerous work tools which are utilised, manual work being handled, chemicals, activity control and firearms security.In regarding the WHS sector, There was a huge deduction in the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate percentages from about 13%  in 2013/14 to 7.04% in the same years, because of a dynamic way to deal with avoiding any bodily harm from any technological sources, and a powerful recovery program when it occurred. Enhanced and advanced in crisis/emergency management processes forms included normal drills facilitated by Taronga’s crisis group with practical situations to advance, prepare and have staff trained effectively in case of any crisis possibilities for future references.Taronga Zoo also enhanced their PC/IT and media systems and networks to allow standard operating environment for over 500 network users accessing the IT side. all technological systems were enhanced for positive maintenance to allow continuous planning of management factors/processes without having to wait long periods of time in order to attempt to recover planning but rather reduce crashing and allow IT area to activate and operate normally within a short period of time.All of the above enhanced and advanced operational processes have increased greater service levels.