n is affordable and easily accessible. DocOnline has specific

n today’s fast paced world, healthcare is often
neglected and takes a back seat. The reasons could be
several. They could range from
difficulty in getting a doctor’s appointment to wasting time in traffic,
or waiting in queues and many
more. As a result, we tend to put off our health concerns till the
hour when situations get out of
hand. That is when we are forced to attend them. At such stages, the
treatment can also become
complicated, expensive and in some extreme cases unfortunate. Hence, one
should consult a doctor before
it is too late. This is where DocOnline steps in and makes it possible
you to speak to a doctor online anytime and from anywhere.

DocOnline is
a virtual platform that offers doctor consultation services with a
doctor through telephone
or video and online doctor chat
facilities. Upon subscription, a user will get access to DocOnline’s
of certified and experienced GP
doctors to consult for any non-emergency medical situations.

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It redefines
the patient–doctor interaction model by delivering consultation on a
digital technology
platform and processes, so that
people can lead healthier and productive lives. So, if time is a
then today DocOnline’s
state-of-the-art technology makes it feasible for you to reach out to a
doctor. It provides online doctor consultation, a procedure whereby you can consult a doctor online
anytime and seek online medical advice
Its doctor app facilitates online doctor chat, through which DocOnline attempts to provide disruptive
healthcare that is affordable and easily accessible.
DocOnline has specific offerings that cater to both:
(1) B2C: Individual customers.
(2) B2B: Enterprises (Businesses)

How do individuals benefit?
Imagine a
situation. Either you or your immediate family member is down with high
fever and body
ache. By subscribing to
DocOnline services, you can access doctors online and opt for an online doctor
consultation from the comfort of your home. Well, that’s not all. The platform also facilitates delivery of
prescribed medicines to your doorstep.
How do organizations benefit?
The platform allows unwell employees to take immediate action and get treated online without having
to take leaves. As they get to speak to a doctor online,
they don’t need to take leaves and this reduces
absenteeism at work. This,
further, translates into cost saving for the company as the work
is not hindered. Besides, a
company that provides DocOnline platform to its employees makes itself
attractive employer. This is
because the employees feel well taken care of. There is peace of mind
and a
sense of security for one’s
health and that of their immediate family members. This breeds
confidence in
the company and loyalty towards
it. So, it’s a win-win situation for both the company and its
employees. It is also to be
noted that there are unlimited consultations for DocOnline subscribers.

Thus, as the
proverb goes “a stitch in time saves nine”, DocOnline provides the
perfect platform for
effective communication between
patient and doctor. This helps to treat and prevent illnesses or
diseases before they can get
aggravated any further, thus, ?allowing?people?to lead?healthier,
and fulfilling lives!