My studies that led me to achieve an outstanding

            My determination and exertion at school, associated with the encouraging attitude of my teachers have led me to excellence in all areas of my school studies that led me to achieve an outstanding overall grade throughout my academic years. I received my high school degree at the American Collegiate Institute where only academically successful and promising students are accepted, located in Izmir, Turkey. I received my education in English and received an education based on the Turkish and Mathematics system. Moreover, during my education in American Collegiate Institute I have attained competence in the English language certified by my excellent performance at IELTS tests as well as International Baccalaureate. In this respect, I have dedicated myself to gain an undergraduate degree that not only offers analytical and scientific aspects but also provides me to enhance my knowledge of the international business norms. Therefore, I managed to obtain an undergraduate education at the University of Surrey, studied BSc Business Management and graduated with a first class degree with honours.


            The fundamental nature of my Business Management degree has prepared me for the wider business world, with a noticeable focus on the business and finance industry, through modules such as Corporate Finance, Business Finance and Financial Accounting.

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In addition to that, successfully completing modules such as Quantitative Methods, Management Information Systems and Management Accounting has enabled me to examine the criticality of true and accurate financial applications in giving businesses a competitive edge by considering issues such as organizational objectives, people and legal implications rather than making decisions based solely on managerial decisions. I have found my undergraduate studies intensely motivating and enjoyable, through which I obtained the fundamental concepts of business organizations strategize and operate as well as achieving highly advanced quantitative and qualitative analytical proficiencies. Despite the fact that aspects such as marketing and dynamics of management have been a major part of my degree, allowing me to widen my horizon in the business world, has dramatically developed my attention on areas such as finance and accounting. For although it is vital for businesses to have clear market and product development strategies without cautious financial management, a company will struggle. It is not the only company finance that I find fascinating, but also the workings of the financial sector itself. The complexity and diversity of these disciplines have always fascinated me and instigated (initiated) my critical thinking. Hence my enormous willingness to pursue a master’s degree at the ….. university.


            In my opinion, it is extremely vital to gain experience when it comes to the fundamentals of business and finance. Experiencing how a theory learned in academics applied in the real world can remarkably assist to consolidate understanding.  Accordingly, being offered a job by a globally well-known pharmaceutical company on my second year of my undergraduate studies has enabled me to have the opportunity to practice theoretical knowledge in financial and marketing management in the business platform. Throughout my role as a Brand Assistant Intern at Combe International in my placement year in the UK, I have secured a vast analytical experience in investigation of UK consumer and ex-factory sales trends, working alongside with the UK CEO and the UK team on compiling and distributing financial and statistical information by preparing monthly global sales and marketing report for the region with the opportunity to contribute to marketing branding activities of three different brands. I have also developed my analytical skills by supporting the tracking and management of marketing budgets of brands as well as updating marketing forecast in order to ensure the accuracy of the supply chain. Prior to the beginning of my second year at university, I had a summer internship and worked as a Sales and Marketing Intern at GB Travel Izmir, which is a well-known travel agency in Izmir who is in co-operation with Gezinomi Tours. During this internship, I had to the opportunity to conduct and administrate holiday bookings and inquiries that enabled me to work on my own initiative and as part of a team while handling complaints, striving to exceed customer expectations.


            In addition to academia, I have gained vast experience in customer service relations from a young age, and feel that communication is at the forefront of my strengths. I have developed a broad knowledge and understanding of customer demands and acquired widespread involvement within proactive, fast-paced team environments and professional atmospheres. In that sense, I have worked for Student Life Mentoring Team at the University of Surrey as a student mentor where I proactively visited and built relationships with allocated residents on a weekly basis. This work experience has enabled me to build professional relationships with mentees, managing their expectations and setting appropriate boundaries while being perceptive and remaining open-minded when probing to identify key issues. Moreover, I have been an active team player for Surrey Economics and Finance Society and Surrey Student Enterprise Society during my undergraduate degree where I have improved my thinking skills analytically and logically while running events, workshops and development programs.


            Taking account of my notable concentration on finance, my undergraduate degree as well as my work placements, I am aiming to improve myself on current developments and techniques in finance, financial markets, and financial applications and acquire hands-on experience of financial analysis. To achieve this objective, I dedicate myself to accomplish a pleasing professional career in financial institutions and particularly in financial consulting and investment banking sector. As a next step, I would like to progress with my career on an international scale, precisely in multilateral and international investment banks and foundations. In line with these objectives, a Master’s degree in Finance that will provide me theoretical understanding, an in-depth idea of practical approaches in aiding managerial decision-making and research skills to enable me to develop an expertise in the core areas of financial strategies and global corporate financial operations.


            The academic distinction and the strength of your program aspects are extremely remarkable as it is designed to give an innovative specialist knowledge as well as the skills required for careers in the financial services industry. Therefore, I believe that this program is an ideal fit for my career goals as well as my longer career aspirations. In addition to that, having the opportunity to study at your university will be a great prospect for me to strengthen my biggest aspiration for becoming a certified individual in the area that I would like to excel.