LINUX : Linux Operating system is used in everywhere


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: Linux Operating
system is used in everywhere like in cars , smart phones , home appliance etc.
1Before the platform to run desktops, server across the globe , it was the
most secure , reliable , easy to use operating system. It is the most popular
version of UNIX Operating System. Linux is open source OS ,its code is free
and  it means that anyone can used it or
modify the OS according to his / her requirements. Objective :  The goal of our study is to gain an
understanding of the main challenges any person face in practice when they work
with Linux Operating System and they feel that it is the though or complex
Operating System to use. Method : I can understand the topic of Linux OS from
different – different books or from internet then I can write the information
about Linux OS which is helpful to many people to understand the Linux OS and
its features also. Results : This article is very helpful to those peoples who
has interested to know about the Linux OS.


: LINUX is
an operating  system like window XP ,
window 7 , window 8 , and MAC Operating System X. Linux OS is a computer
operating System and also known as GNU /
LINUX. The Operating System and the software used in it are developed by
the volunteers, employees work in companies or in organisations.

This Operating System is free to use for everyone
and everyone has a freedom to used it. It could run on any computer and needed only small pieces of code
called kernel2.

Linux is used for a large network system and it is
based upon UNIX system. It is the most interesting Operating System in now a

An operating system
is software that manages all of the hardware resources associated with your
desktop or laptop.


Who develop the LINUX ?????  LINUX is
an operating system or a kernel which is generated as an idea in the mind of  bright and young student of computer science Linus Torvalds3 in 1991. He work on UNIX OS and he wanted to improved it further.



But unfortunately ,
the designers of UNIX OS , can
rejected his suggestions. Then he thought that launching that type of operating
system which will easily modify , receptive to changes according to the
suggestions of the users.      


The OS is consist of following : 

The kernel: This is  actually called
“Linux”. The kernel is the core of the system and manages the CPU, memory,
and peripheral devices. The kernel is the “lowest” level of the OS4.
The Bootloader: The Bootloader is a software that can  manages the boot process of our computer
system. The boot processing is known as Bootstrapping , which means that starting up of a computer
system. During the process of bootstrapping (starting up of a computer) ,
the kernel is loaded into the memory of the computer system.
Daemons: These are background services like printing , sound , scheduling ,
etc that are start up / or runs during the process of  booting , or after you log into your desktop.
The Shell: Shell is the that type of interface where the user can works
through typing the commands in text interface. This is also called Command line interface.  The shell can allow the user to control
his / her computer via just typing the commands into a text interface.
Desktop Environment: The user can interact with the Desktop Environment. There are many
kinds of desktop environments are like  GNOME , KDE , XFCE etc. Each desktop
environment consists of many built-in applications such as file managers ,
configuration tools , web browsers , games 
Applications: Like Ubuntu Linux has the Ubuntu Software Center which allows you
to quickly search among the thousands of apps and install them from one
centralized location5. 



Well supportedMore SecureVirus freeCompatible with others OSMore powerful OSRun on any kind of hardware


we used LINUX ????? / Features of Linux OS :

Linux is used for the following reasons or features

It is more secure as compare to the other operating system. It is free from
virus attacks. If you installed Linux , you need not to install anti – virus
when you can use the Linux OS.  Free Operating system : It is free of
cost as compare to the other operating system  like windows , we can pay for purchasing it.
For getting the  licence of window ,  we can also pay for it.  Not
need of rebooting : If you installed many software in linux
operating system , you need not reboot 
your system again and again. Open
Source : Linux is open source operating system which means
that any user can get the source code of the software and then modified it
according to his / her requirements.  Portable
: Portable
means that the software can works on the differents kinds of  hardware. The Linux kernel and the
application programs can supports their installation on any kind of hardware


Linux is reliable OS because of  better
Background  Processes. when a background process is enabled or start or run  in the  Linux OS , the OS will only use it for as long
as it needs to and then disable or stopped it until needed again6. Fig
: Reliability of Linux OS 


: Multiusers
means that more than two users can works Linus OS on the same time. The
multiple users can also access the resources of computers , RAM , memory etc.


: Multiprogramming
means that in Linux OS , multiple programs can run at same time on one system.        

: This work was supported in part by the

Institute for KCL Institute of  Management & Technology , Jalandhar.