Introduction of the questionnaire should be made simple so


To get the most accurate results, most suitable techniques are
used in research project. Different methodologies are used in this research to
refine the study and extract the useful information needed by the researcher.
Research methodology plays an important role in research study which includes

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Research design

Data collection methods

Sampling design

Measurement scales

Methods of data analysis

to carry out our research.


Research Design

causal research is conducted to identify cause-and-effect relationships among
variables when the research problem has already been narrowly defined”
(Zikmund, 2003). Factor of workforce diversity towards employee’s performance
in an organization is under investigation and examination in this study. Questionnaire
survey is chosen to examine the factors of employee’s performance in an
organization. A small sample is used to represent the whole population, and to
get in-depth and rich description.


Data Collection Methods

After studying different questionnaire of related research
journals, adopting and then modifying them helps to construct our questionnaire.
Higher validity of the questions used in our questionnaire is ensured by
comparing it by different related research journals that will lead to most accurate
and effective information needed by the targeted respondents.

Source of the data is primary
that is directly collected from the source. In this study, primary data is
collected by the directly interacting with the targeted respondents and asked
to fill the given questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of such questions
that may get the highest efficiency of the data collected.

Questionnaire Design

questionnaire is constructed in this research. Layout of the questionnaire
should be made simple so that the respondent could easily be attempted and less
time taking. Questionnaire is divided into subparts that are given below:




Education level,


Working experience

Employees performance

scale is used to answer each question that ranges from 1 to 5, strongly disagree
to strongly agree respectively. This scale is used to get a numerical value for
the answers which is easy to interpret.


Sampling Design

Target Population

Core focus of this study is to analyze the effect of
workforce diversity towards employee’s performance in an organization. The targeted
population for this study is different employees (CEO, senior management,
middle management, and lower managements) of different organizations is


Sampling selection

In this research
paper, sample is selected through non-probability sampling technique and the
sampling frame is irrelevant. non-probability
technique was used in selecting the sample.
The selected area under this study is different organizations of Pakistan. Two
requirements must meet by the candidates to answer the questionnaire to get the
valid response. To achieve the research objective proper selection of sample is

Currently employed

Working in the management

Convenience non-probability
sampling is used in this research. Questionnaires were distributed to the respondents
that meets the given criteria. A total of 300 samples were distributed to the respondents
and they were asked to fill up the questionnaire form.