Informed misunderstandings or misinterpretation concerning the experimental procedures (Escobedo

Informed consent is a fundamental ethical requirements for research with human subjects. It is when a subject voluntarily agrees to participate in a research study in which he or she has full understanding of the study before the study begins (Nieswiadomy, 2014). The informed consent process is where the participant is informed regarding all aspects of the trial, which are important for the participant to make a decision and after studying all aspects of the trial, the participant voluntarily confirms his or her willingness to participate in a particular clinical trial and significance of the research for advancement of medical knowledge and social welfare (Nijhawan et al., 2013) The process might create or result several ethical issues if it is not being done properly. Misunderstandings between the researchers and the participants will result due to communication barriers such as language differences and religious dogma and believes. The individual who signed the informed consent is assumed to have fully understand the information that is stated in the consent form but it is difficult to evaluate the level of understanding in the individual’s point of view. Some researcher didn’t explained the Do and the Don’t to the subject as they take for granted the subjct read the term and condition by themselves. Therefore, there might some misunderstanding that might occur. Besides that, some issue is the participants may have a false expectation regarding the research. The participants might get involved in research projects that they did not approve of due to misunderstandings or misinterpretation concerning the experimental procedures (Escobedo et al., 2007). The participant’s perception regarding the research might affect the process of obtaining the informed consent because they afraid of the consequences of the research on them.  Most of subject will feel that there are being cheated after their signed the informed consent.