HOW animal cruelty, as well as any other welfare


The respondents involved in
this analytical research based on how the public is responding on the issue
regarding animal cruelty on the fashion brand, can be called as ‘HERMÈS’. The
primary data were analyzed and finalized using a percent of response. In the
recent researches, it was proven that the brand ‘HERMÈS’ was linked to various
unethical issues regarding the living creatures. “Hermès deplores the relentless attacks by
PETA aiming to harm its reputation through a dishonest representation of the
facts and a complete ignorance of the deep ethical commitment of Hermès to the
fight against animal cruelty, as well as any other welfare concerns.” (gush, 2016) a freelance writer
expressing their thoughts on the recent news of a company, so called as ‘PETA’
that reportedly bought some shares from ‘HERMÈS’ to speak out on this issue
against animal cruelty

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These are some researched that shows the rage on the public,
expressing their thoughts on the luxurious and expensive handbags created by
‘hermes’. The comments made by ICYMI includes the involvement of
PETA’s recent investigation on Hermes where it was proven where those bags and
watchbangs actually came from. Those animals were still conscious, flailing and
kicking the minute they were killed. Hermes, animals are #NotOurs2Wear. #Killed4Hermes” (savage, 2015)
These are some comments made by a writer that works at the company named after


Another evidence of some researches that was linked to the
movements made by “PETA” was during last summer, the animal rights group people
for Ethical treatment of Animal (PETA) released some horrendous details
regarding the investigation made towards the farms which involves the killing
of crocodiles and alligators while living following by skinning those precious
skins alive. Further researches shows a PETA investigator working undercover at
the Lone Star Alligator Farm in Winnie, Texas, between October and November
last year. While other researches mentioned,
“two undercover Peta investigators at Zimbabwe were able to get a tour of
Padenga, one of the largest suppliers of crocodiles and alligators for skin.
Something in common of both farms is that they both supply tanneries used by
Hermes to provide skins for their bags and other products.

“Yesterday (May 31), PETA showed
exactly how it is putting those shares to use.” (Thompson, 2015)PETA representatives attended the Hermès
annual shareholders’ meeting in Paris, and from recent research found that the
the animal right groups had grabbed the opportunity to publicly in front of
hundreds of investors and shareholders to claim the rights towards animal, a PETA France
spokeswoman, Isabelle Goetz, had read out the allegations of cruelty to animals
where it states her question towards Hermes and other board members if they
would someday stop using exotic skins, according to AFP.”

 (Bain, 2016)


Jane Birkin overview

response, Hermes had releases this statement which states: “Actress and singer,
Jane Birkin has expressed her concerns regarding practices for slaughtering
crocodiles. Her comments do not in any way influence the friendship and
confidence that we have shared for many years,” said a statement from the
brand. “Hermès respects and shares her emotions and was also shocked by the
images recently broadcast.” (Slone, 2015) It was mentioned
that Jane Birkin had reportedly requested Hermès to remove her name from the
bag following by the investigation held by PETA concerning on the topic of
animal cruelty by using crocodiles and alligator’s skin for its bag,
accessories and watch straps. (O’Connor, 2017)


Addition comments


celebrity named as, Lady Gaga reportedly commented on allegations made towards her
actions of wearing fur coat. ” In these statements, Gaga did not apologize for
her actions; instead she attempts to paint herself as someone with nuanced
beliefs involving fashion and animal cruelty.” (Davisson) She states her love
for the beauty of animal in fashion as she is not strictly vegan and requested
the fans and media to respect her views and beliefs. (Davisson)





The issue regarding animal cruelty has
yet to place some negative outcomes on the sales of Hermes as the brand
continues to soar. “The thought of purposely breeding and killing crocodiles
for an outdated, overprices handbag should make any fashionista’s skin crawl.
If Hermes really wants to be a leader in the fashion industry, it should stop
killing animals for cold-blooded vanity and use animal cruelty-free mock croc
and fake snake instead,” (Flavell,
PETA Senior Vice President Dan
Mathews .