Dear study at Bocconi University because of your cutting-edge

Professor Alfani,


me introduce myself: My name is Ion Lucas Saru, and I am currently in the last
semester of my bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration at
the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen expecting to graduate in July 2018.
With this letter, I would like to support my application for your master
program in Economics and Social Sciences. I want to study at Bocconi University
because of your cutting-edge research in economics, your outstanding graduate
program, and your excellent teaching facilities which match my career goals. In
particular, my career aspiration is to do research in the areas of
macroeconomics and finance.

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spent my fifth semester as an exchange student at Washington University in St.
Louis, taking advanced classes in economics designed as preparation for a
graduate program. These courses did not only change my view on economics
towards an increasingly formal and mathematical approach, but more than that,
they fostered my desire to focus on economic theory and, hence, get an academic
perspective on economics.


my undergraduate studies, I had a strong focus on quantitative methods and took
various classes in statistics and econometrics. I consider your graduate
program in economics as a unique opportunity to gain further expertise in
statistics, broaden my experience in economic theory and get an insight into
state-of-the-art research in economics. I always aimed for challenges towards
gaining the maximum possible knowledge and prepare for a demanding graduate
program. No business could better cater my desire to be challenged than Bocconi
University with its high-achieving students and renowned professors. With many
distinguished economists as professors, I know that I will gain expert
knowledge and I will be best prepared for a Ph.D. program as the next step
towards realizing my career goals.


program’s structure with the possibility to choose electives from various
fields gives me the opportunity to personalize my studies and assert my skills.
Moreover, your focus on applying theories to real-life situations and your
close link to leading companies and institution allows me to understand
economic concepts better. Given my desire to become an academic economist, I
will be happy to participate in the research opportunities offered at your


In my
third and fourth semester, I enjoyed working as a tutor at the Department of
Banking and the Department of International Macroeconomics and Finance
respectively. I appreciated the confidence professors granted to me and I
enjoyed teaching and sharing my knowledge with undergraduate students. Beyond
that, I extended my experience in macroeconomics and had insights into some of
the research programs.


my academic goals, I want to improve my competences in an international
environment. Your graduate program in economics with students from various
countries promises a collaborative atmosphere. The exchange of ideas by people
of widely diverse backgrounds enables learning in all respects. I spent my
exchange semester at Washington University in St. Louis with seven of your
current undergraduate students. During this time, I had ample opportunity to
chat with them about college life at Bocconi University. I am sure that I will
be prepared for an international career and fit the personal and driven
atmosphere at your university. With its variety of cultural activities, I
consider Milan a stimulating place to live and study.


I am
confident that I will contribute to an atmosphere of leadership, service and
intellectual curiosity at your university. Your graduate program in Economics
and Social Sciences will enhance my capacity to achieve my full potential and
give back to the society some of the benefits to which I have been privileged.


you very much for considering my application.