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101 united arab emirates government type

Government of United Arab Emirates The government’s primary goal is to give services and goods in the most effective and efficient way to its citizens (Rabaa’I, Zogheib, AlShatti & Jamal, 2016). Globally, the governments are grappling with the challenge of promoting e-government initiatives. The governments are encouraging the populaces to use and access public services […]

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The similarities and differences between two ovidian tales

Compare and Contrast This paper seeks to analyze the similarities and differences between two Ovidian tales: Io and Jupiter and Ceres and Proserpina. In the tale of Io and Jupiter, the former (Io) is described as the priestess of Juno the Roman goddess and Jupiter as the god of thunder and the sky. Ceres is […]

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Climate change is real

What is climate change? Can we stop it? How can we stop? What are the effects? Is it real? These questions have confronted human beings ever since the problem of climate change came into the public domain. Climate change is a term used to explain long-term changes in weather patterns (Philander). Climate change is real. […]

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