Almost 12 years ago, my senior brother suffered a

Almost 12 years ago, my senior brother suffered a mental breakdown. I was 12 years old. From that moment on I was inspired by his psychiatrist Dr. Roxann Wake-Forbes and I knew I wanted to assist people by helping them regain their sanity just like she did to help my brother get better and last month when my mum was diagnosed with schizophrenia I was reassured that this field is truly my calling. This career path has immensely captivated me due to its interconnection with the recovery of the human mind. Having witnessed the process of my brother’s transition from being psychologically distressed to being mentally competent, combined with my enthusiasm for the subject, the skills I have accumulated throughout my employment history and currently studying full time will make me an ideal candidate for studying psychology. My past employment as a  teacher’s assistant has taught me both transferable and interpersonal skills such as communications, commitment, adaptability, as well as a high level of listening skills. This job also made me a more responsible individual as I handled student confidentiality and I have also gained more confidence and a grasp of teamwork. Additionally, I believe my experience working with children, their parents and colleagues will prove invaluable in client centred focus such as psychology.Whilst working during the day I was able to study afterwards at evening classes. This has sharpened my study skills considering much of my study was independent. It was very difficult to do both, work and study simultaneously, however I was extremely resolute and wanted to execute each course. I intend to employ this same perseverance at the very best of my ability to complete my degree.Since deciding to apply to university I have begun the process by undergoing the requirements and have taken and passed 5 gcse subjects and now I have moved on to an Access to HE Diploma course in Humanities and Social Sciences. As of now, I am currently developing my study and researching skills, and also expanding my knowledge on research methods as well, such as, quantitative, nomothetic, idiographic, qualitative. I believe that I would be able to make a valuable contribution during my degree and perhaps even more importantly I have worked so hard to get to this point I would remain committed to studying because it does hold a great value to me.When I am not studying, I take pleasure in cooking, upcycling, spending time with my family and friends, and also exploit many perks of being alive and well, such as travelling to different cities in the UK or simply going for a walk.After my degree I would like to go onto medical school where I would pursue a medical degree. Thereafter, I plan to complete a four year residency and later on obtain my license. I am willing to go through the entire process because I am very passionate about studying in this career path and I am looking forward to extending my knowledge on psychology.Furthermore, being that I am a rational individual, enthusiastic about human consciousness, combined with being the first in my family to pursue a higher education testifies that I am indeed the perfect candidate for the psychology course.