Abstract al., 2009, 2004), based on similarities in geological


Jonk river conglomerate, which is subjected of this
study, occurs along the River Jonk of the late Archean -Plaeoproterozoic of Sonakhan
Greenstone belt in the northern-eastern part of the Central India Craton(CIC)/Bastar
Block of Central India. To
quantify finite strain, the Rf/f and Fry techniques were used. For
the 3D strain analysis, conventional Flinn diagram was computed, on which
variation of finite strain as computed from harmonic mean for the different
localities, that most of the pebble shapes designated at the oblate field and
have nearly plain strain ellipsoid.   

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Finite strain analysis techniques are used to
quantitatively estimate the amount of deformation. This method is an uncommon
but powerful tool for strain determination even if marker particles are rarely
in mechanical contrast to the matrix. The deformation of such markers is
related to shearing, rotation and flattening during deformation stage.



The Sonakhan
greenstone belt has been considered equivalent to Neoarchaean to
Paleoproterozoic greenstone belts of the southern Bastar craton (Das et
al., 1990; Srivastava et al., 2009, 2004), based on similarities in
geological and lithological makeup. This inference is further corroborated by
the stratigraphic position as the greenstone belt underlies the Mesoproterozoic
Chhattisgarh Supergroup (Das et al., 2009; Parthanabis-Deb et al.,
2007). The Sonakhan granite-greenstone complex is a relatively small oblong
belt with NNW-trending structural grain (Fig. 2). The lithostratigraphic
succession of the Sonakhan belt was first worked out by Das et
al. (1990). Later Saha et al. (2000) refined the lithostratigraphic
succession of the greenstone which is given in Table 1. The Sonakhan Group
comprises of (a) the lower Baghmara Formation consisting of dominantly
metabasalt and subordinate felsic volcanics and (b) the upper Arjuni Formation
consisting of greywacke and conglomerate.